The ADINA Team

ADINA Executive Care Team

ADINA’s CEO/ Care Manager, Deputy Care Manager and Care Coordinator are responsible for training, recruiting, scheduling and expertly matching caregivers with clients. They work with the caregivers to oversee all aspects of staffing, supervising and coordinating client care. Between our Chief Operations Officer, CEO/Care Manager, Deputy Care Manager and Care Coordinator they have combined over 85 years’ experience and recognise that for senior citizens from different backgrounds and cultures, finding the right support and care can sometimes be difficult if English isn't their first language.

However, with the experience knowledge and wisdom they have, they make it look easy.

C.E.O/Care Manager

ADINA Care Manager & CEO oversees clients’ care, ensuring the highest standard of professionalism from all members of the care team are met. She works directly with families to make sure clients are happy over the course of our service, She or our Deputy Care Manager performs a comprehensive in-person assessment, implementation, and evaluation to create a care plan that will best serve the needs of the client. ADINA Care Manager also coordinate between health care professionals and maintains clear lines of communication to the family.

The Care Manager was a Sister at Northwick Park hospital, managing diverse hectic wards for many years before Adina’s inception

The Care Manager’s Quote:

“We are always looking to foster strong relationships with local groups and the reaction has been very positive to this initiative. Promoting relationships between senior citizens and the communities they live in, helping to raise awareness of the services available to them and improving inclusion are key focuses of ADINA Home Care Services Ltd.

Our motto is "Placing People At The C E N T R E Of What We Do"

C - Compassionate

E - Equality

N - Neighbourly

T - Trusting

R - Respectful

E - Engaging


Our caregivers are highly and thoroughly trained and personally committed to their clients. We offer a robust roster of caregivers with a diversity of experience, skills, personalities and credentials. We are able to expertly match the right caregiver to each client’s needs and personal preferences. Caregivers are employees of ADINA Home Care Services Ltd. We manage our caregivers’ employment insurance, taxes and workers’ compensation so you don’t have to. As a responsible, organization, we insure all our employees are highly vetted.

Management Team

In a nut shell, Mrs. McLaren is one
of the “Crème of the Crop” in this field.

Caroline McLaren

Deputy Manager

Our Deputy Care Manager Caroline McLaren, is a happily married woman who is a caring mother of five children and a grandmother to ten beautiful grandchildren.

She has worked in Domiciliary Care for nearly two decades. She commenced as a quality care worker, and then proceeded to the position of a Field Care Supervisor, holding this role for 15 years. She then progressed to the position of Care Coordinator which she held for 2 ½ years.

As our Deputy Care Manager for ADINA Home Care Services Ltd., Mrs. McLaren has all the necessary skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience managing our large team of carers and field supervisors. She works closely with social services and enjoys working in our diverse community, being able to liaise with different ethnicities and cultures. Mrs. McLaren manages all our trained staff induction, field work, assessment of social and health care needs establishing a quality Care Plan designed for all new Clients, maintaining ongoing assessment and review of all other Clients.

Mrs. McLaren is also responsible for undertaking initial risk assessments within Clients’ homes in line with the Company’s Health & Safety policies and procedures (in the absence of, or as requested by, our Care Manager)

Our Michelle is a Diamond in the rough.

Michelle Kelly

Senior Care Coordinator

Ms. Kelly has been in the care industry for over twenty years. She is a caring mother of four children and a grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren.

She commenced working for one of England’s largest out-of-hours GP service, Harmoni and NHS Direct. She also worked for Urgent Care Centre in Northwick Park Hospital as a pilot scheme. She then moved on to working for the NHS 111 and from there branched into Domiciliary Care as a care worker, then Field Care Supervisor and now a well-established Care-Coordinator, where she manages a team of Care Workers from the Office and in the field. She has been trained as a Dementia Trainer and also assists in Induction Training for Care Workers. Ms. Kelly’s vast experience in her various roles has given her great insight and wisdom in the Health Care Services.

Ms. Kelly’s skills, knowledge and experience managing her position as a Care Coordinator for ADINA Home Care Services Ltd. has a wide responsibility. Her regular duties include meeting with clients, kinship carers, and other family members to discuss their needs, the services available to them, developing quality care plans and rearranging them as necessary when difficulties arise, as well as visiting clients, checking on the care they've received and documenting it accordingly. She also works with the care team to evaluate interventions and identify where and when further ones will be required.