Disability Is Not a Responsibility; It’s Chance To Achieve Much More

As per the study conducted by Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) on Brits, only 8% of the families of the specially-abled people get help from local social services. At least half of the total 10 million disabled persons are over state pension age. Almost 1/5th of disabled people are suffering from eyesight related problems alone.
Do you think are we doing enough for them?

The government has been conducting enough research in the living made easy direction and trying to help parents by providing personalized advice through AskSara strictly according to the disability symptoms of their child.
Again, is it reaching to the people who need it the most?

  • Sadly no, which is why private contribution to this heavenly cause is imperative.
  • This is exactly what we are trying to achieve.
  • Our plans vary according to the customer’s needs, from mental illness to physical disabilities, we cater to every need of the patient, be it emotional support or motivational guidance.

According to our experience with the patients, one thing we often come across is normality. Most people do not accept their disability, and if they do, they take it in the negative context. However, there is one more way that you can live it with and prosper at the same time, i.e., the company of similar minded people.
People who won’t judge you by your disability; people who help you to boost your other talents while trying to make you more open-minded and friendly; people who guide you on the one true path to wholly accept your disability as an integral part of yourself.

We provide promising care homes for disabled adults.
Our disability care lies with helping them have a positive perspective towards life and eventually be more expressive and open to the outside world.

Home Care For Disabled Adults- The Best Form Of Support

Disability makes a person weak, not only physically, but mentally as well. Disabled people find it hard to overcome their daily challenges, which others aren’t even unaware of. A person with a disability lives a distinct life that restricts them in performing several tasks, which others accomplish without any hassle. Getting their precise requirements fulfilled is also something that disabled individuals find hard to do. However, when provided with complete care and the best possible support, none of the tasks remain a struggle for them.

Is one of your loved ones living life with a disability? Has the disability left your dear one struggling for everything? If looking forward to providing the biggest support to your disabled family member or friend, know that you can avail disability care services and sign up for the ultimate support, be it physically or mentally. Services of home care for disabled adults involves assistance with simple actions and activities such as grooming, dressing, feeding, mobility, cooking, etc. Carried out by experienced and committed caregivers, disability care services offered by us, Adina Home Care Services Ltd., are meant for individuals over the age of 18 years in the North-West London, Middlesex, and surrounding areas. A boon for physically or mentally disabled souls, our disability care services support people in overcoming their incapacities and living life without any difficulty.

If you are interested in providing the best possible disability care to your loved one, get in touch with us without any concern in mind.

To know more about us, explore the site right away!

ADINA Care Assistants: Providing The Best Possible New Parents Care

Can’t wait to hold the bundle of joy in your arms? Do you want to dedicate your entire time to the youngest member of the family? Go ahead and spend as much time as you want to with the little one because it is an important period for both of you. If feeling concerned about your responsibilities towards your home, availing the help of experienced and well-trained assistants would be the best thing to do. There’s no doubt that cooking, running errands, and housekeeping would be challenging for you. However, with a reliable assistant by your side, you would be free to share your time with your newborn without worrying about anything.

Spending time with a newborn baby is quite relaxing, but only when there are no other concerns in mind. You too can take care of yourself and your baby with the help of one of the experienced assistants at ADINA Home Care Services Limited. Highly experienced in taking care of the household responsibilities, ADINA Care assistants are the best possible choice for new mothers recovering from a C-section or any other type of complication that requires bed rest. Superior new parents care by ADINA includes housekeeping & errands, emotional support, and medical attention & bed rest assistance.

That said if you think ADINA Care assistants can help you enjoy this beautiful phase of life, get ready to hand over all the responsibilities today itself. Explore our site to uncover more about care for new parents and hire ADINA Care assistant right away!

Health Care Vs. Home Care Services In London - Care & Companionship For Older Adults

Home health care and home care are two different are two different services that are provided in a conventional setting - your home. However, many people don’t know the difference between the two and thus use these terms alternatively. The primary difference is that home health care is clinical while home care is non-clinical. Home health care is provided by skilled medical professionals - physical therapist, registered nurse, occupational therapist, etc. It is often a part of the extended care plan that is followed by hospitalization. On the other hand, home care services in West London or anywhere else in the UK are provided by home care aides, who are commonly referred to as caregivers.

These are trained care professionals who understand the details and requirements of senior care. Whether you need caregivers to help older adults in your family with daily activities or just want them to provide some friendly companionship, they are trained for both. Home care is put in the category of the companion or personal care. You can hire home care services in West London: When you need someone to help older members of the family with daily activities like meal preparation and grooming. To not allow the elderly to feel alone and socially isolated. Some of the services that caregivers provide include
  1. Meal preparation
  2. Transportation
  3. House cleaning
  4. Bathing, dressing, and grooming assistance
  5. Reminders for medicine

  6. Most importantly, these caregivers provide older members of your family, someone, to talk to when no one is around.And sometimes that works better than medicine.

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