Home health care and home care are two different are two different services that are provided in a conventional setting - your home. However, many people don’t know the difference between the two and thus use these terms alternatively. The primary difference is that home health care is clinical while home care is non-clinical. Home health care is provided by skilled medical professionals - physical therapist, registered nurse, occupational therapist, etc. It is often a part of the extended care plan that is followed by hospitalization. On the other hand, home care services in West London or anywhere else in the UK are provided by home care aides, who are commonly referred to as caregivers.

These are trained care professionals who understand the details and requirements of senior care. Whether you need caregivers to help older adults in your family with daily activities or just want them to provide some friendly companionship, they are trained for both. Home care is put in the category of the companion or personal care. You can hire home care services in West London: When you need someone to help older members of the family with daily activities like meal preparation and grooming. To not allow the elderly to feel alone and socially isolated. Some of the services that caregivers provide include
  1. Meal preparation
  2. Transportation
  3. House cleaning
  4. Bathing, dressing, and grooming assistance
  5. Reminders for medicine

  6. Most importantly, these caregivers provide older members of your family, someone, to talk to when no one is around.And sometimes that works better than medicine.