As per the study conducted by Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) on Brits, only 8% of the families of the specially-abled people get help from local social services. At least half of the total 10 million disabled persons are over state pension age. Almost 1/5th of disabled people are suffering from eyesight related problems alone.
Do you think are we doing enough for them?

The government has been conducting enough research in the living made easy direction and trying to help parents by providing personalized advice through AskSara strictly according to the disability symptoms of their child.
Again, is it reaching to the people who need it the most?

  • Sadly no, which is why private contribution to this heavenly cause is imperative.
  • This is exactly what we are trying to achieve.
  • Our plans vary according to the customer’s needs, from mental illness to physical disabilities, we cater to every need of the patient, be it emotional support or motivational guidance.

According to our experience with the patients, one thing we often come across is normality. Most people do not accept their disability, and if they do, they take it in the negative context. However, there is one more way that you can live it with and prosper at the same time, i.e., the company of similar minded people.
People who won’t judge you by your disability; people who help you to boost your other talents while trying to make you more open-minded and friendly; people who guide you on the one true path to wholly accept your disability as an integral part of yourself.

We provide promising care homes for disabled adults.
Our disability care lies with helping them have a positive perspective towards life and eventually be more expressive and open to the outside world.