ADINA Care Calls


We understand that it can be the daily phone call that makes all the difference for many people who are suffering from loneliness or confusion. It can also be very difficult for family members to know that their loved one is suffering and we hope to relieve this pressure a little for everyone concerned. Our ADINA Care Call offers not only a general ‘chit chat,’ which we believe is essential for seniors living alone but we can also double check medications have been taken or prompt your loved one to remember an event or to cook/eat their meals etc. Many things we take for granted can be confusing once we get older, and loneliness can be devastating.

Additional service: We are more than happy to offer a double up service running alongside our ADINA Care Call if it should transpire that the person we are calling needs us to visit them for any reason; we can always attend the person for an additional charge* see emergency call outs. This gives peace of mind for the loved ones and our clients, knowing that we can be there quickly to sort out any issues.

Please note all calls may be recorded and monitored for training and efficiency.