Hospital Sitter

How important is ADINA hospital sitter?

ADINA Home Care Services Ltd can provide one-on-one, constant observation for patients who are severely confused, at risk for self-harm or have fallen after trying to get out of their hospital bed.

Our sitters are merely observers: they don't participate in the care of a patient, and in some cases they're not even allowed to touch them. Their importance, however, can't be understated. They're an attempt to prevent the approximate 10,000 patient falls that take place in UK hospitals each year.

What can a hospital sitter do for you?

We understand that taking time off to be in the hospital with a loved one is challenging. A hospital sitter can serve as a valuable resource to your family member who requires around-the-clock loving care. Our Care assistants can help prevent accidents, such as falling or the pulling out of IVs. Hospital sitters can be there to serve as a helping hand for your loved one through quality supervision, ensuring their comfort and safety. ADINA Hospital care sitters can also tend to nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and assisted living residences.

Hospital-to-Home Care:

On some occasions discharge orders recommend assisted care for the next few days. Your hospital sitters can work to ensure that your loved one returns home, and stays there.

How ADINA hospital sitter can help examples:

  • Help to avert falls and pulling out of tubes or oxygen connections
  • Ease the discharge process
  • Arrange transportation for your loved one home from the hospital
  • Be aware of signs and symptoms that require immediate medical attention
  • Ensure follow-up doctor appointments are kept
  • Watch for reactions with new medication and notify the physician of any symptoms
  • Prepare nutritious meals and encourage fluids
  • Adhere to medication schedules
  • Promote communication with their doctors and family